A literary giant. A late-in-life family. A battle to finish one last book.

Tim O’Brien has been called “the best American writer of his generation,” and America’s “poet laureate of war.” A Vietnam veteran, and National Book Award-winner, O’Brien is one of the great voices in modern American literature. The Library of Congress recently named his groundbreaking novel about the Vietnam War, The Things They Carried, one of the 65 most influential books in US history. But O’Brien hasn’t put pen to paper in nearly two decades. Now, Tim O’Brien is trying to write again. He thinks the country is past due for a conversation about war’s impact. He thinks we’re running out of time. And, at age 70, that he is too.

Selected Festivals & Awards
“Absolutely Riveting. This movie is SO worth your time.”
– EsquireClassic

“A tremendous, multidimensional film. It brims with wisdom and grace in every scene, every conversation.”
-Matt Gallagher, Penthouse

“A moving film about one of our finest, most thoughtful writers.”
-Bill Shapiro, former Editor-in-Chief of LIFE

“Thoughtful and intimate.”

“An honest and raw portrayal of the creative process, family…aging, and the aftermath of war.”
-Town and Country

“In-depth look at a complicated man.”
-The Daily Beast

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